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Other FAQ’s

Q. Can other people watch my flight?

A. Yes, we have a viewing area in the front of A.C.E.S. with large-screen LCD monitors. There might be 25 people watching as you make like Tom Cruise. No pressure or anything. But you are one cool, tough FIGHTER PILOT, so "you can handle the pressure, Mav". That last quote courtesy of Paramount Pictures. (Did you know Tom Cruise owns a P-51? 'can't be all bad).

Q. Do you sell anything besides flight simulations?

A. Boy, do we! We have A.C.E.S. hats, T-shirts, aviation clothing, die-cast collector models, lots of aviation gifts, software, really cool DVD's. Hey, isn't it about time to park that keyboard of yours for a few minutes and come on down to A.C.E.S. and charge up a storm?