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General FAQ’s

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Cost? Think of it more as an investment in developing your deepest feelings about what it's like to blow your best friend to smithereens. A 30 minute Simulation in a WWII Warbird is $29.95 and a one hour flight is only $15 more, or $44.95.  Flights in the Surround View Flight Simulator are 3o minutes long and run $39.95.  One hour flights in the Surrround View are not offered, but if you want to stay in there for an hour we won't stop you from buying a second 30 minute flight!  And the smithereens?  They're  free.

Q. Is there an age limit at ACES?

A. Upper or lower? On the upper side, the oldest we've had (so far) is 93. But we assume what you really mean is how young can you be to fly at A.C.E.S. We generally recommend age ten and up. However, since it's your money, it's your call. But let us educate you before you plunk down your hard earned cash. We've had a few whippersnappers as young as six fly with us. But the only reason they enjoyed themselves was because they had previous experience with flight simulators on their parents home PC. Please note: We've found that video game experience, by itself, does not really help.

Q. Can I dogfight my friends in the simulators?

A. What are friends for? Of course you can. "Fight's On!" But if you bring your spouse/girlfriend, it's a darned good idea to let them shoot you down. At least once anyway. It's very possible that what happens after you leave A.C.E.S. might be even more exciting.

Q. Can I shoot down enemy aircraft?

A. Well, somebody has to and it might as well be you, soldier. But remember, they can shoot back. And they like to brag as much as you do.

Q. Can I land on an aircraft carrier?

A. Just who do you think you are, Chuck Yeager? Wait, he was Air Force. Yes, you can try to land on an Aircraft Carrier, though you might kill yourself. Just kidding. That's the beauty of a simulation; you can try anything and not be hurt. We would be more than happy to put you on a "short final" behind the "boat". But just to be safe, you might want to watch Top Gun again before you try it. Better to die than look bad.

Q. Can I fly different aircraft?

A. Different aircraft? What are you some kind of non-conformist? Ahem. Our Surround View Flight Simulator is optimized to fly the F/A-18E Super Hornet, built by Boeing, which used to be McDonnell Douglas, which w as formerly Douglas Aircraft...but I digress.You can also, for the first time fly a HELICOPTER at A.C.E.S.!  And also a Boeing 737 airliner.  Stay tuned, as we plan to add other exciting aircraft for you to fly in the months and years ahead.  Our WWII simulators allow you to fly just about any type of Warbird from the 1940's. You name it and you can fly it. P-51 Mustang, F4U Corsair, P-38 Lightning, Brewster Buffalo...Brewster Buffalo? Never mind.

Q. What if I crash?

A. Then you owe us 32 million bucks. Not. You can crash as many times as you want during your simulation. It's your money! And the customer is always right at A.C.E.S.; "That, sir, was a very nice crash". Don't worry, almost everyone crashes at least once. But let's think positive, okay? "I'm coordinated, I have good situational awareness and I am a really good fighter pilot, darned it".

Q. Could I get motion sickness in your simulators?

A. Please don't. But if you do, we call it a "Code Blue". Thank heavens it happens very rarely – like maybe a couple times a year. If you're inebriated, good luck (I mean, what were you thinking? Save the hootch for after the flight). If you have a head cold, well that's no help either. If you are hyper-prone to motion sickness, you might feel something in your stomach...just like you would after a real flight. However, if you do feel uncomfortable, any discomfort goes away in the blink of an eye. All you have to do is close your eyes and all is right the with world (and your stomach). But if you do get sick, acting humble and apologetic improves your chances of getting us to clean up the mess. Air freshener, anybody?

Q. How realistic is the simulation? (See simulators page for more on this)

A. The world's largest defense contractor has purchased our simulators...the same model you get to fly at A.C.E.S. Military and civilian pilots often commend the realism of our simulators. Every imaginable type of real-world aviator has flown at A.C.E.S. From Space Shuttle Pilots to WW2 combat veterans to current active-duty fighter pilots...you name it. Hundreds of pilots over the years have told us that if you can fly and land one of our simulators, you can fly and land a real aircraft. Of course, if the Captain had the chicken, and you had the fish, you still might die trying to land that 707 at O'Hare. Your fellow passengers are counting on you...

Q. Do you take credit cards?

A. Well, we don't actually TAKE your credit card; we borrow it for a few seconds, scan it into this little doohicky and then give it right back to you. It's more like borrowing (boy, is it ever more like borrowing).  VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS are honored (highly) at A.C.E.S.

Q. Do you take checks?

A. Lord no. But we'll take your cash , your Visa card , your MasterCard and your American Express. Sorry, we haven't discovered the Discover Card yet