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Cockpit & Simulator FAQ’s

Q. Can I log the time in your simulators?

A. You can try to log it, but the FAA examiner is going to give you the hairy eyeball when he sees that you've been out flat-hatting in P-51's and busting the sound barrier in F/A-18's. No, our simulators are for education purposes and the FAA has no sense of humor whatsoever. Straighten up and fly right.

Q. Do your simulators move?

A. No and neither do the military's top of the line fighter simulators (see more below). But you sure do feel like you are moving when flying our simulators, especially in the Surround View. When we first started operations back in '96 (er, 1996) we did feature genuine, physical motion, because the visual systems were small.  Physical movement was needed help create the feeling of flight. But that's no longer the case. Our AeroDome 's visual system is nearly five feet across.  And our Surrround View's screen is SEVEN TIMES LARGER than the Aerodome's!!! Gad! The AeroDome covers about the same field of view as an Omni Theater.  And our Surround View covers vastly more of your peripheral vision than the largest Omnitheater ever built.  I mean, your neck actually gets tired flying the thing because you're rubber-necking like a tourist in Bermuda shorts. The visual effects are that compelling. But to some folks motion is "emotion" and they want to move, doggonit. Well, in the real world of military training for "fast jets" (fighters), their simulators don’t physically move. They, like us, have graduated to wide field-of-view display systems in place of motion bases.  They know that if the visual system is large enough, and the sound system faithfully recreates the audio inside a cockpit, a full fledged training experience can be completed. And once you’ve flown in our simulators, you’ll see what we mean. "So come on down to Unpainted Arizona, or my name isn't Nathan Arizona".  Wait, my name isn't Nathan Arizona.  Never mind.

Q. Will I fit inside your simulators?

A. Almost certainly. We've had people up to 350 pounds in them before. And we've had really tall people fly them too. If you're over 6’6, you might have a fabric canopy shroud resting on your noggin’ (in our WWII sims) but you’ll still fit. The jets have unlimted headroom, so head clearance is never a problem. The hardest part is climbing the stairs and wriggling into the cockpit. Once inside, there is more room than one might think. Of course, once you’re in, there’s always the possibility you might not want to get out. Darned the luck..

Q. Can two people use the same simulator?

A. Hey, this isn't the Mile High Club! Jeez. Our cockpits are single seat fighters. Strictly business, old chap. We do have eight cockpits, though. Bring all your friends and have at it.